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Boats ! (From Jepara and Semarang):


If you come by boat we recommend to get here from JEPARA. But first you should check the wave forecast !!!  here....


You should get a good 7 day forecast from Maritim BMKG about the conditions in the Java Sea. If there is some "dark-pink or even red waves" in the Java Sea and around Karimun Jawa, there will be definitely NO BOATS and no way to come to us.



HERE ARE THE BOATS...(IMPORTANT: The schedules below may change any time !!!  Please contact the boat company (or us) for details.)



"SIGINJAI"- Ferry: Jepara <-> Karimunjawa @ 6.45am / 4,5h


Jepara -> Karimunjawa:   Monday, Wednesday, Friday PP (and back), Saturday 


Karimunjawa -> Jepara:   Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday @ 6.45am


For the "SIGINJAI"- Ferry, buy your tickets directly in the harbour of Jepara, on the day the boat leaves (Booking is usually not possible, but we might be able to help you (see below)* !!). Official Price starts around IDR 70..000 for  "Economy Class". Be early (around 5.00am), especially in the high season !


Return- Tickets for the "SIGINJAI"- Ferry you must buy in Karimunjawa on the day the boat leaves !



"Express Boat Bahari" (Fast-Boat): Jepara <-> Karimunjawa / 2,5h/ Official Price starting around IDR 150.000/ ticket.


Monday:     Jepara -> Karimunjawa PP (and back)

Tuesday:    Jepara -> Karimunjawa

Wdnsd:       Karimunjawa -> Jepara

Thursday:   OFF

Friday:       Jepara -> Karimunjawa

Saturday:   Karimunjawa -> Jepara  PP (and back)

Sunday:      Karimunjawa -> Jepara


For FAST BOAT buy your tickets directly in the harbour or better try to contact their office ! Since July 2018 "Bahari" also offers a connection SEMARANG to KARIMNJAWA and vice versa. For schedule and prices, please check the website:


or contact the office.


Jepara Office "Express Bahari":

Phone:  0813-50679768 or 0823-26260343


Semarang Office "Express Bahari":

Phone:  0813-50679767 or 0859-50424411 




"PELNI BOAT"- From SEMARANG there is also the "PELNI boat" departing on Friday night and go back on Sundays. For information please visit their website:



We can also help our guests to arrange boat tickets from Jepara !!!


Even it is in the interest of the Ayu Hotel, that guests are able to organise tickets themselves (therefore we try to give you complete instructions on how to do that), most of the times the officals can not help you with 'Boat Tickets'.


For a small agent- and handling fee on top of the ticket price we will be able to help you.


By whatsapp:


+6281327490558 (just click here) will get in touch with "Eryl", owner of Ayuhotel. She will be able to organise you tickets for "Bahari 9c" for the amount of 16 USD/ ticket (Executive Class/ one way), including agent  fee. And you will be asked to give us a picture of ALL passengers IDs ( that is requirement of the boat company ) and also pay upfront via paypal.


"Siginjay Ferry" tickets* can also be organised. "Economy Class"- one way tickets will set you back 9 USD/ ticket and "VIP Tickets" are 11 USD/ ticket. Again, price already including all fees and you will be asked to pay upfront via paypal !


The tickets will usually by given to you around 1h before boat departure, and we will provide you with more details by whatsapp!




Conditions which apply when we arrange boat  tickets for you:


- We are able to organize boat tickets one month prior boat departure until maximum 72 hours before departure (if the tickets are still available). We will check and confirm the availability via whatsapp with you.


- It is not possible to change the dates or sell the ticket to someone else after we bought the ticket for you. Your name is written on the ticket and you need to show your passport when boarding the boat.


- We can’t refund your money once the boat tickets are booked / bought ! (That is again, a condition of the boat company!)


- During boarding the staff will ask you to pay IDR 25.000 for tourist tax to enter the National Park of Karimunjawa. This is not included in the ticket price and can only be paid in cash when boarding.


- It’s also possible for the boat schedule to change due to weather conditions. If this happens we will contact you as soon as possible and will inform you about the new schedule. If the boat doesn’t depart you can change the date of your ticket to the next available fast boat (without extra charges).


Tickets to go back from Karimunjawa, you can also buy/ organise yourself in Karimunjawa during your stay and they will still be available most of the times!





Get around....

Lately our guest  reported some good experience while using the web- based "Grab Taxi" service. For the app press here: GRAB (click).

Spend a night in Jepara:


If you are planing to stay one or more nights in Jepara, we received good feedbacks for...






-   "THE SRIYA"   



Flights from Semarang:


-Wings Air- will fly you to/ from Karimunjawa in around 40min. Bookings can be made via Traveloka and it is usually the best option, especially for foreigners, since you can use your credit card! (click)

...or visit their website:

They also provide a call center:

(+ 62 80) 4177 8899

(+ 62 21) 6379 8000


IMPORTANT: Please keep in mind that the Airport in Karimunjawa is around 22km away from the city/ Ayu Hotel. At the airport are no taxis or other transportation available, at least until now. A one way ride in a private car  will set you back around IDR 300.000.



From Singapore: (...take a plane to Semarang or Yogyakarta)





To go by car from Semarang to Jepara usually takes around 2-3 hours and you can choose between a couple of options..


Option One: Take a "Travel Service". That is small minibuses. The price from Semarang to Jepara is usually around IDR 60.000 and we can recommend "DAYTRANS". You can find the Semarang Office in "Jalan Jend Sudriman No.103 Karangau" or call: 024-7604192. 


Option Two: Take a bus at the "terminal bis" (Terboyo Bus Terminal) in Semarang. There are several buses every day that connect Semarang and Jepara. Cheapest way, but be aware of Pickpockets and other thieves !


Option Three: Take a taxi and arrange a price upfront (...usually around IDR 400.000). That really makes sense if you are more people and you can split costs and it is probably the easiest way to get from Semarang to Jepara. Again, ask to get directly to "pelabuhan Jepara" (harbor) if you are about to take the boat. Or again, use GRAB (click).



From Yogyakarta:


Your best bet is again to contact Daytrans at Jl MT. Haryono No.1 by phone (0274-385990) and make a reservation from Yogya to Jepara.


There is a bus every day at 23.00 directly from the daytrans office in Yogya and it will bring you to the harbour in Jepara at around four o'clock the next morning, where you can catch a boat to Karimun Island. (Price around IDR 150.000/ person and here is a map to find their office >click< !!!)


DAYTRANS will also offer a shuttle bus from Jepara to Yogyakarta at 3pm every day. Their office is located at "Jalan Letjend No. 35, Jepara". To make an reservation call: 0291-3326868


In Yogyakarta you will also find a Authorised Money Changer, that will give you good rates on your foreign cash.


It is located next to the "Inna Garuda Hotel" at Jl. Mallioboro No. 60, Yogyakarta.




To Bromo and/or Bali:


We will help you how to get there once you are at Ayu Hotel.





For everything else....


Regarding travel in or around JAVA, you will find some good information on the JAWA TRAVEL FORUM >click<





You need further assistance or like to get your boat tickets (from Jepara) arranged by us? Just press the whatsapp button below....

(For further information, you can also contact us by WhatsApp! This service is for Ayu Hotel Guests, only !)


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